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Email for prices and information: jm760@sbcglobal.net

#1) What type of paint is used?
Acrylic based paints are used for all patches and jackets.
#2) Will the paint crack or peel?
This should not occur under normal conditions. Avoid tempature extremes, such as freezing or excessive heat.
#3) Are touch-ups available?
#4) How long does it take to have nose-art added to a jacket?
Usually 1-2 weeks.
#5) How do I know what my jacket artwork will look like?
Since every jacket is photographed, a scanned image of your jacket will be emailed to you upon completion. This way you can see what the jacket looks like before it is shipped.
#6) Do you have multi-piece construction or tooled leather patches?
Currently these items are unavailable.
#7) Do you make nametags?
No, nametags are not available.
#8) Are leather wings available?
Yes, hand painted leather wings can be made. Specify either Pilot, Bombadier, Navigator and Air Gunner.
#9) Can you sew the patches onto the jackets?
Yes, all patches can be sewn onto your A-2 jacket. The patches will be sewn through the jackets liner.